Thursday, November 26, 2009

Get more control of your money...

"This is my favorite course so far because there is so much in it that I can take home and start applying to my business. It does help you get more control of your money and spending and shows you ways to get the things that you have always wanted but never had the extra money to purchase. This is a great course that can be applied to my business and to my personal finances."

Dr. Susan Thompson, DVM and Owner, Tabbs Creek Animal Hospital, NC
Financial Planning

Eye-openers for a practice owner...

"The Ethics for Business Survival course and Personal Integrity addendum were eye-openers for a practice owner of almost 30 years. Holding employees accountable for their actions (or inaction) has been one of the weakest links in my management style chain. I now have a firm grasp of how personal ethics of employees and the executive being willing and capable of assigning conditions to those employees results in so much more than “punishment”, which is how I previously perceived such situations. It can result in their personal redemption by getting their ethics straight and their increased productivity will likely result in expansion of the organization (my practice)."

Dr. Tom Wiles, DVM and Practice Owner, Pittsburgh Spay and Vaccination Clinic, PA
Ethics for Business Survival

A new level of looking forward...

"Great course!!!...

I learned to cross beyond my foibles, to look at the greater picture of running my business and life. In this course I put together the need for statistics, the importance of statistics, and the power that statistics will have in making your everyday life and business decisions. Also, during this study, I transgressed to a new level of looking forward ethically speaking."

Dr. Darrell Horn, DVM and Practice Owner, Florida Veterinary League, FL
Ethics for Business Survival

Monday, November 16, 2009

Create an improved work atmosphere...

"This was a really interesting course because it really helped me to better understand the conditions and how I would apply formulas to each one. I think in better understanding this, along with the application of ethics in business, I will be able to create an improved work atmosphere with better statistical results. I am very excited to start the implementation program."

Dr. Tanya Burtis, DVM and Owner, Waxhaw Animal Hospital, Waxhaw, NC
Ethics for Business Survival

Definitely gives you useful tools...

"What I liked about hiring and handling was that it was a lot more hands-on or practical. I could really see the different scenarios and how they could play out in the workplace.

"Hiring and handling really revisits the tone-scale, but in more detail and shows you what to look for and what to avoid. This course definitely gives you useful tools for hiring staff, dealing with 'real' issues (handling) and potentially firing staff.

"I really enjoyed this course, even though it took me out of my comfort zone a little bit.
Thanks VPS!"

Dr. Jen Beaulieu, Owner and DVM, Lake Side Animal Hospital, Tilton, NH
Hiring and Handling Personnel Addendum

Get dreams into reality...

"One of the biggest practice problems is getting great ideas and never implementing them, or getting great ideas that aren’t appropriate for where the practice is at!

"Writing out the formulas that identify what is needed right then and making a battle plan to have staff members implement it right away gets dreams into reality in the practice. This course and addendum shows the exact steps of how to accomplish that."

Dr. Robin Woodley, Owner and DVM, Kapaau Veterinary Center, Kapaau, HI
Formulas for Business Success Addendum

Monday, November 2, 2009

The tools you need...

"Awesome course. It gives you the tools you need to improve communication and productivity through organization and the use of statistics. I now have the tools to react when my stats go down instead of feeling helpless."

Dr. Ellen Colwell, DVM and Practice Owner, Sykesville Veterinary Clinic, Sykesville, MD
Basic Hat for Employees

Good ideas are carried out...

"I have found that many good ideas never got off the ground because nobody sat down and designed a program. This course has given insight into the reasons for failure and why a well-designed, targeted program will assume that good ideas are carried out over an appropriate time frame and the team is invigorated to see them profitably implemented."

Dr. Sid Griffin, DVM and Practice Co-Owner, Border Vet Animal Health, Carnduff, SK
How to Expand Your Company by Making Planning Become Actuality

Applicable right away...

"MBS is a fun course that is applicable right away. It opened up my eyes to an infinite number of ways to closely monitor my business in a quick glare. It will help me more effectively monitor my staff without being dependent on the natural swings of interpersonal sentiments. I look forward to applying the skills learned".

Dr. Chris Garden, DVM and Practice Owner, Camino Animal Hospital, Camino, CA
Management by Statistics