Thursday, April 22, 2010

Deceptively simple but extremely important...

"The course in Effective Leadership was deceptively simple but extremely important. Without leadership there is no direction and with no direction the organization can’t prosper. Leadership basically comes down to the production of a valuable product in high quantity and quality through the management of people and the organization with everyone’s best interests in mind."

Dr. Lisardo Martinez, DVM and Practice Owner, Westbird Animal Hospital
Effective Leadership

Reap the benefits...

"Ethics for Business Survival has so many applications that can improve my personal and professional life. It contains many tools, specifically the conditions and their formulas, that will lead to personal and business growth and ultimately more power. I am really looking forward to utilizing these tools and reaping the benefits."

Dr. Mike Doe, DVM and Practice Owner, Good Samaritan Veterinary Hospital, CA
Ethics for Business Survival

An easy and fun thing to manage...

"This course is the meat and potatoes of what we need. The ability to structure the organization so detailed that it becomes an easy thing and a fun thing to manage. I know it will take some time but I’m really looking forward to getting it started and I’m excited for how I think the staff will respond to it."

Dr. Ed Womack, DVM and Practice Owner, Cascade Veterinary Clinic, WA
Basic Hat for Employees

Full of tools to help you in business and personal life...

"Basic Hat for Employees is quite an interesting course. I experienced many revelations as I worked my way through it. It is full of tools to help you in business and personal life. Particularly with the completion of this course, I am very anxious to start applying the concepts in all aspects of my life. The supervisors were most helpful in enhancing my understanding and appreciation of this course."

Dr. Ruth Doe, DVM and Practice Owner, Nob Hill Cat Clinic, CA
Basic Hat for Employees

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Keep your team members on task...

"'Basic Hat for Employees' is a great course to help you identify the problem areas in your practice and what to do about them. It also stresses how good organization will help you produce, raise morale and raise the ethics of the group. Individuals make up the team; there is an inherent responsibility to keep your team members on task."

Dr. Sherri Youngblood, DVM and Practice Owner, Spring Creek Animal Hospital, TX
Basic Hat for Employees

Extremely valuable tools...

"In the 'How to Get Along With Others' course I picked up extremely valuable tools that can be utilized to improve the relationships of staff members with each other and with our clients. I know that this knowledge will allow my practice to grow in leaps and bounds and make our hospital a truly 'magical' practice."

Dr. Gayle Roberts, DVM and Practice Owner, Northwood Animal Hospital, CA
How to Get Along With Others

Guide the practice into a new realm...

"After reading and demonstrating and writing about Effective Leadership I have gained a lot of insight into what I’m supposed to be about as the executive of a veterinary practice. There are certainly areas of this course that I need to add to my practice leadership and areas that I certainly can polish up! I’m truly looking forward to using this information to guide the practice into a new realm! Thanks!"

Dr. Doug Hardy, DVM and Practice Owner, James River Animal Hospital, MO
Effective Leadership

Thursday, April 8, 2010

This has made a big impact on the staff...

"I was able to understand how the stats, graphs, conditions, and formulas all worked together to increase our productivity. Our staff now understands why we have battle plans and they also know that their productivity directly affects the productivity of the overall practice. They were taught that by monitoring the stats weekly, we have more of a handle on controlling where those stats will be the following week. They can see how their production on these jobs affects their co-workers.

"We also have seen that the VSD (Value of Services Delivered) quotas, that were set monthly, are actually attainable. We thought we were making them too high, but with a lot of determination, and the correct weekly battle-plans, we have recently been meeting them! This has made a big impact on the staff.

"Overall, this program has given us the tools needed to make our hospital more manageable, productive and viable."
Lisa Tharp, Director of Administration, Pittsburgh Spay and Vaccination Clinic, PA
Management by Statistics Implmentation Program

Put these tools to work...

"This really explained how and why stats are the best way to manage. After completion I now feel that I have the tools I need to start managing my business like a business and not like I have to make decisions based on feelings about a situation and hope that things will improve. I am ready to put these tools to work and really improve my management skills!"

Dr. Tanya Burtis, DVM and Practice Owner, Waxhaw Animal Hospital, NC
Management by Statistics

Maintain order, organization and team spirit...

"This course showed how to maintain order, organization and team spirit. By breaking situations down into stats, stats to graphs, then using the given correct formulas, you can find the strengths and weaknesses of your business. Whatever is working well stays; whatever isn’t needs a plan of action. So by bringing all of your low graphs up there is slim chance of failure. This course seems as though it can make even an executive’s job easy if properly learned and followed."

Joe Dengler, Director of Medical Services, Sykesville Veterinary Clinic, MD
Basic Hat for Employees