Friday, September 25, 2009

Increase productivity and happiness...

"The ups and downs in life are all manageable. This course has shown me how to deal with the downs in life so that they do not bring me down. By not allowing down conditions to exist you and your company remain in an up position which increases productivity and happiness."
Dr. Steve Pirkey, DVM and Practice Owner, Sachse Animal Hospital, Sachse, TX.
Ups and Downs in Life

Making positive changes...

"This part of the course is being implemented in our clinic and is making positive changes. As a group we are becoming more aware of how statistics, conditions and formulas can help us reach our goals. The organization board, memos and CSWs (Completed Staff Work) are helping us make better use of our time. I’m enjoying putting in practice what I’ve learned."

Hollie Seymour, Senior Tech, James River Animal Hospital, Nixa, MO.
Basic Hat for Employees

A vital tool...

"The course 'Formulas for Business Success' was a real eye-opener for me. Before taking this course I really didn’t have a clear picture of how graphing statistics was going to help us remedy our problems. After learning how to gather data, use it for statistics to create graphs and then assign the correct conditions and formulas to these graphs, I can now understand how it all comes together! It all makes great sense to me now and will be a vital tool necessary to increase our statistics and the success of the business."

Lisa Tharp, Director of Admin, Pittsburgh Spay and Vaccination Clinic, Verona, PA
Formulas for Business Success

Friday, September 18, 2009

Building the foundation...

"I thought the Ethics course did a good job of building the foundation for why people act the way they do and what motivates them. Applying the formulas in both a business and a personal setting will feel better than just going with the flow and stumbling along without a plan."

Sam Bauman, Practice Manager, Jackson Pet Hospital, Jackson, WI

Ethics for Business Survival

Get in control of the conversation...

"The Communication course was great. Learning to control yourself, staying focused with all the distractions that can be thrown at you, it’s a great tool to be in control. I have dealt with clients giving you so much information when doing exams, when you are having a busy day and need to move on. I learned how to stay in charge of the conversation. On the other hand I did not know how to behave with people who I knew wanted to move but I just kept on talking. Another thing I have learned is to train staff members to stay focused and get in control of the conversation with the client when there are 10 other things to do."

Dr. Manjit Jammu, DVM and Practice Owner, Clearwater Animal Hospital, Windsor, ON
Improving Business Through Communication

A new way of thinking about personalities and people and interactions...

"The 'How to Get Along With Others' course has introduced me to a new way of thinking about personalities and people and interactions. It has shown me how I react to different personalities and how to succeed in improving relationships. It has also shown where I fall in the tone-scale and some of the poor responses I choose in dealing with people. I feel I am better prepared to work with my staff now that I can put them in the tone-scale."

Dr. Diane Grede, DVM and Practice Owner, Animal Hospital of Oshkosh, WI
How to Get Along With Others

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It's fun to see the staff on board...

"This course was great. I never considered myself a 'numbers gal' but I have an anticipation at the end of the week to see our final numbers. Even better if I see our graphs moving up in response to a change! It is also fun to see the staff on board and how they can’t wait to see the numbers either."
Dr. Deb Brown, DVM and Practice Owner, Pequot Lakes Animal Hospital, Pequot Lakes, MN
Management by Statistics

I learned valuable, basic tools....

"This has been my favorite course so far. I am ready to get our staff hatted appropriately and organize work flow. My hope is for an efficient and well-run organization. I learned valuable, basic tools in this course for the better organization of my business."

Dr. Karen Spikes, DVM and Practice Owner, A Animal Clinic, Fort Worth, TX
Basic Organization

Friday, September 4, 2009

No more coping!...

"Basic Organization has given me the guidelines for coordinating the products, sub products, function, posts and flow of particles (clients) so that we can create our valuable final product with less of my time. No more scrambling and no more coping! Our better hatted staff will be a large part of this. I expect to have happier and better paid staff as well."

Dr. Michael Rosen, DVM and Practice Owner, Feline Veterinary Clinic, Church Falls, VA

Basic Organization

This course finally gave me a solution to our problem...

"When I first came to VPS they asked what I saw as being the main problem at our clinic. I told them that our clinic is in mass confusion. Going through this course finally gave me a solution to our problem. If I use an organization board I can start to see trouble spots and cope with them until I have everyone fully hatted in their post. When I get this done then we can really start producing. This is going to raise our morale by leaps and bounds because everyone will feel strong in their hat and this will build confidence. This will work; I know it!"

Kim Earley, Director of Administration, Animal Clinic of Rapid City, Rapid City, SD.
Basic Organization

Aiming to remedy the conditions...

"This Addendum was good because it put reality to the condition I was in as a business owner. Not just making me aware but also aiming to remedy the condition as I learnt it. It forced me to make the change to get better."

Bob Jackowiak, Practice Owner, Alpena Veterinary Clinic, Alpena, MI.
Ethics for Business Survival Addendum