Monday, June 29, 2009

One must walk before you can run...

"This is a great wrap up course to finally deal with the actual finances of the company. When we started with VPS I was expecting to get this data on day one. Now – so many months later – I understand why it is last. One must walk before you can run. Deal with internal problems of staff, understand conditions and formulas and know how to plan before you can ever be expected to actually understand how to plan financially. Thanks!"

Dr. Russ Drabek, DVM and Practice Owner, Jefferson Animal Clinic
Financial Planning Addendum

A good practical tool to stay focused...

"The Financial Planning Addendum is useful because it establishes your budget on a weekly basis. It’s a way to know how much income you need in order to cover all your
expenses and loans. You build into your budget a set aside (reserve) for future equipment and projects. It’s a good practical tool to stay focused on your goal for the clinic – on a weekly basis, which is easier to work towards.

Carmen Martinez, Director of Administration, Westbird Animal Hospital
Financial Planning Addendum

This is an extremely important aspect to life...

"This course fits well with my experience as a veterinarian and practice owner. Much more than any of my employees, my profession and practice to a large degree is my life. This is an extremely important aspect of life which brings me into contact with many people and their pets. In these contacts I have a chance to provide them with a service which in its best case can be helpful, rewarding, curative, enjoyable, worthwhile, life-giving, compassionate, loving, joyful and many other positives which are too numerous to mention.

"To make my career a success these outcomes must be attained as often as possible which requires personal ethics on my part and also the application of ethics by all my staff. The assignment of statistically based conditions and the applications of formulas to improve the conditions is a way to maintain a high level of service.”

Dr. Lisardo Martinez, DVM and Practice Owner, Westbird Animal Hospital
Ethics for Business Survival

Friday, June 19, 2009

I have relearned some valuable life points...

I felt this was an excellent course for me personally. I definitely picked up some things which will help me professionally, but more importantly I have relearned some valuable life points. This course brought back to the surface some rules we all learn in preschool: ‘If you can’t say something nice don’t say anything at all’; ‘Play nice, share your toys, don’t call names’; and my personal favorite ‘You can’t love others until you love yourself’. I knew all these rules but I really needed them brought back into center light.”

Dr. Wes Wood, DVM and Practice Owner
Animal Clinic of Rapid City
How to Get Along With Others

It's been fun to see the change in staff...

"One of the most important lessons learned is that of interviewing new staff members. I can honestly say I have a good idea in the first 5 minutes if I should even give this person a shot! The program is very good in that it leads us slowly through the steps to implement changes with staff. Other than my ‘duds’ it has been fun to see the change in staff regarding our goals and stats. Thank goodness we have a meeting with our consultant each week, or else I would have probably pulled my hair out a long time ago making these changes!"

Dr. Deb Brown, DVM and Practice Owner
Pequot Lakes Animal Hospital
Management Basics Implementation

Monday, June 15, 2009

Make your personalized financial plan...

“This was a great course to follow up the Financial Planning course. This course uses actual stats from your practice and allows you to ‘plug in’ your numbers, decide if your practice is solvent or not and allows you to make your personalized financial plan for your practice. Excellent!”

Dr. Kirk Reese, DVM and Practice Owner
Whitehouse Veterinary Hospital
Financial Planning Addendum

This has made me aware of the type of employee that I am...

"I have learned to do work now and not put it off. This has helped the organization by allowing us to immediately implement policies and procedures that will increase our productivity and efficiency. Overall, this has made me aware of the type of employee that I am, the areas that I do well in and more importantly the areas that I need to work on. I have seen by applying these principles, that by applying them the facility as a whole runs better and more efficiently, and get more pleasure out of working for it."

Lauren Duggar, Director of Administration
Four Paws Veterinary Hospital
Basic Hat for Employees (Online Course)

Be part of the solution...

"Working through this course with our consultant has helped us get going on our implementation process. Our staff now has a better understanding of what we are going and where we are aiming. This program has shown the staff how we can more easily communicate with each other and how they can be part of the solution in the fixing of our practice. The program has also made them ‘hungry’ to get their bonus system in place so as we grow they can also reap the benefits."

Drs. Clair and Sammie Thomposon, DVMs and Practice Owners
East Stroudsburg Veterinary Hospital
Management Basics Implemetation

Friday, June 5, 2009

It's not just making money that's important...

The Financial Planning Course emphasizes the basics that need to be adhered to to make a business solvent. There are some great plans to control expenses, provide a financial cushion in case of emergency and control expenses and spending. It’s not just making money that’s important; it’s how well that money and resources are managed that is essential.

Dr. Carrie Brace, DVM and Practice Owner
Briargate Blvd Animal Hospital
Financial Planning


One of my take-home points for this course, Basic Organization, has been the clarification of the word “basic”. I’d previously incorrectly defined basic as simple, when in actuality “basic” is “most important” or “essential”, and this course has certainly been essential!

Dr. Clair Thompson, DVM and Practice Owner
East Stroudsburg Veterinary Hospital
Basic Organization

Avoid Some Disappointments...

As I progressed through the “Study Skills for Life” module, I gradually related the newly learned techniques to learning situations over my lifetime. I could readily understand that it wasn’t so much the subject material of calculus that challenged my intellect some 40 years ago, but simply the barriers to learning that vexed my freshman college year. Now, as I move forward implementing these learning skills, I am going to be able to make sure that my staff will be able to avoid some disappointments in their careers and lives.

Dr. Tom Wiles, DVM and Practice Owner
Pittsburgh Spay and Vaccination Clinic
Study Skills for Life