Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Very useful information...

"The Basic Organization course really brings to light the necessity of having an organization board that is setup properly and flowing well.
Problems in the past have been due to many things, but the lack of proper Hatting of staff was one of the most common.
Very useful information."

Colin Mikkelson; DVM, Practice Co-Owner
Kamloops Large Animal Veterinary; Kamloops, BC
Basic Organization Course

It all seems possible to put in place...

"This addendum to the Financial Planning course tied everything together for me and gave me the opportunity to form a battle plan to take back with me. The cool part is that it all seems possible to put in place-helping us become more efficient and the business more profitable."

Jackie Allen; Bookkeeper
Kamloops Large Animal Veterinary; Kamloops, BC
Financial Planning Addendum

The Client Compliance Builder Course gave me a solid background on selling...

The Client Compliance Builder Course gave me a solid background on selling – some key questions, the way to ask them, how important intention and agreement are and --- to be less serious!!

Wendy Pringle, OM
Rutland Veterinary Clinic; Rutland, VT
Client Compliance Course

Our business will soar!!!!

"In Management by Statistics, we learned specifically what statistic needs to be monitored in each area to get an accurate depiction of the condition to that area.
We also learned how to interpret those statistical trends so we’ll be able to respond rapidly and appropriately to any changes that occur and I’m confident that we can now make the changes necessary to push all of those statistics in an upward direction. Our business will soar!!!!"

Gayle Roberts; DVM, Practice Owner
Northwood Animal Hospital; Irvine, CA
Management by Statistics

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


“The Client Compliance Builder course gave labels to put on situations
that are already happening in my practice. I can now recognize clients
in their stages of awareness and have the tools and knowledge to move
them through the steps of the sale to reach ‘closing’ and ‘delivery’ of my
treatment plans. I never thought of myself as a sales-person, but after
taking this course, i realize that life is a series of sales."

Beth Neuman; DVM, Practice Owner
Twin Peaks Veterinary Center; Tucson, AZ
Client Compliance Builder Course


“Great course! I learned to cross beyond my foibles, to look at the greater
picture of running my business... In this course I put together the need for
statistics, the importance of statistics, and the power that statistics will
have in making your everyday business decisions...”

Darrell Horn; DVM; Practice Owner
Florida Veterinary League; Vero Beach, FL
Ethics for Business Survival Course


“The Personal Integrity Course really made me take a good look at my
own life, my own code of honor, and what my own ethics are, but more
important than that was the need for every business or family to instill the
importance of their own personal ethics and integrity in their staff, family,
or children. It is never too early or too late to put your ethics in."

Colleen Davis; Practice Manager
Emery Animal Health; Castle Dale, UT
Personal Integrity Course


“This course taught me many things about dealing with others that I
thought I knew already, but in a much more refined and poignant form.
Once I am able to fine tune this knowledge through this course I feel I
can get better at doing so and therefore build strong relationships in my
business and personal life.”

Andy Mencarelli, DVM; Practice Owner
Disbury Veterinary Services; Didsbury, AB
How To Get Along With Others Course

Friday, January 7, 2011

Practice Tip 25 – Veterinary Reputation Management

Reputation Management
and the Veterinary Practice in 2011

What is reputation management you ask? It’s the active management and control on what your community thinks of you and your practice. It’s the ongoing process of building, repairing, and shifting of your reputation within your community of animal owners and related businesses.

Why is this important?
Because like never before, using the internet, the potential and existing clients go onto the web to check you out and run into the opinions of others that are posted on review websites. If the opinions are good then their decision to use you is supported by someone like themselves, which is what you want. But if the opinions they encounter are bad then these can cause their attraction to your practice to come into question and in many cases have them to look elsewhere.

Don’t think you’ve got a problem?
Think again and go and google your practice. Look for Yahoo! Local and Yelp reviews. You may be shocked at what’s out there for all to see.

Bad reviews generally come about from clients leaving your practice upset but they can also about from employees leaving your practice with unstated upset. In the old days they’d tell 15 – 17 other people in a one-to-one fashion. Now they go onto the web and tell thousands, including your good clients that may experience a dilution of their loyalty on reading these.

The managing of such opinions, both good and bad, fall under this subject of Reputation Management.

Here are some basic rules to start with:
1. Don’t let clients leave your practice upset. Period. Sit with them in private and work out their concerns with good communication skills. The skillful art of a well delivered acknowledgement plays a large role in calming an upset.
2. Check your web reviews weekly to find any negative reviews FAST.
3. Have your good clients routinely posting good reviews on the review sites.

Sounds simple? It is. Try it out and watch what happens. You

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