Monday, August 24, 2009

A tremendous help in working towards a better organized clinic...

"This course has been a tremendous help in working towards a better organized clinic. We are able to communicate with each other more clearly. We are able to spot dev-t (Developed Traffic) in more ways each and everyday; in fact the staff are enjoying finding dev-t and stopping it. Less dev-t means less stress."

Dr. Sammie Thompson, DVM and Practice Owner, East Stroudsburg Veterinary Hospital, PA
How to Increase Efficiency in Your Company

This course will be the basis for all the changes we need...

"This course will be the basis for all the changes we need to make to ensure our practice continues being successful. The information in this course is stuff we should all know but don’t know how to connect in real life. I am looking forward to getting home and applying the methods and formulas into our practice - using baby steps of course!!"

Susan Horn, Director of Administration, Florida Veterinary League, FL.
Basic Hat for Employees

I expect my business to improve in many ways...

"The Formulas for Business Success Course gives clean guidelines for both monitoring and controlling a business based on conditions and the formulas for each. I have too often found my business in emergency or danger (without having the words to describe the condition). In the past I then scrambled to improve conditions, doing some things correctly, omitting some important things and taking many incorrect actions. By working with conditions, their formulas and statistics, I expect my business to improve in many ways."

Dr. Michael Rosen, DVM and Practice Owner, Feline Veterinary Clinic, VA.
Formulas for Business Success

Friday, August 14, 2009

This professionalism expands not only one's business but one's reputation...

"This has been an incredible learning experience for me and I can only encourage others who want to stand up and be proud! To do, be, and put into action this course.

To look back and see that I am truly a determined being, creating my massage business for 30 years with a somewhat “what am I doing?!” attitude because I did not have the actual “tools” of running a business ethically, effectively and with less stress more fun and lots of professionalism which is just respect and application for doing a great job rather than just getting by!

Following the precepts in this course, this professionalism expands not only one's business but one’s reputation for going and doing more than one expects.

Since the inception of this course I reached my target for the month and now know how to keep the stats up each month!

Thank you VPS for this course and for your patience in my completing it."

Shelora Dalen, DMT and Massage Studio Owner, Unique Wellness Studio, BC
Basic Hat for Employees

Understanding and managing staff in ways I would not have thought of...

"I thought I knew all the small words in the English vocabulary. Come to find out I didn't. Knowing how to read them and learning how to clear words really makes a difference on how I read and understand sentences. Knowing the three barriers and check outs will help with understanding and managing staff in ways I would not have thought of. Thank You."

Maureen Johns, Office Manager, Florida Veterinary Leauge, FL
Study Skills for Life

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

PRACTICE TIP: Do you really know where your clients are?...

When a practice gets bust our attention turns to addressing client and patient issues and we neglect the very important day to day task of internal marketing. The purpose of internal marketing, vs. external marketing for brand new clients, is to communicate with your existing clients in such a way that they stick to your practice, agree with your preventative healthcare, and don't wander off to your competition (client attrition). This is not a casual thing but a series of proactive activities that lets your clients know that you are there for them and they need to return at scheduled times.

So next time you wonder where your clients are:

1) Scan your practice management software for the number of active clients (not just your Gross Revenue) and see whether or not this is up or down over last month. The bottom line? It needs to be UP!

2) Look around your practice - there should be NOTHING that is offensive to a client or pet that would cause them to resist coming in... Things to look for would be smells, unsightly quarters or staff uniforms, how someone answers the phones, cleanliness, cheerfulness of staff and doctors to name a few...

3) Always, always, always set the next appointment on their way out thether it's for 7 days, 1 month or 6 or 12 months. They don't know what they're doing in a year? Well you do! They're coming back to see you!

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