Saturday, April 25, 2009

"This is a course I would definitely recommend that all doctors and hospital managers take."

“This program has opened up a whole new way of thinking. I only wish I had these programs to use as I was growing up and as I became a Hospital Manager. This is a course I would definitely recommend that all doctors and hospital managers take. I promise it will make you a whole lot better.”

C.R., Practice Manager

"Thanks VPS - this was exactly what I needed."

“Well, this course brought it all home for me! Unfortunately, it absolutely showed me my failings in financial dealings up to this point! That’s okay; I now have great information which will get us strongly solvent in a comfortable manner. I am so happy to have this information! Thanks VPS – this was exactly what I needed.”

-G.H., DVM, Financial Planning Course

"...this was the single most valuable course I have taken."

“I can honestly say that this was the single most valuable course that I have taken. There was such a tremendous take home message considering we are presently dealing with budgeting problems. I could only wish this occurred earlier in my practice ownership.”

J.H. DVM, Financial Planning Course

Raise Your Fees!




Practice Owner: Yes, it’s that time of year again. Time to pull the trigger and increase your fees. With a recession going on a fee increase often times gets forgotten. But what you may not know is that the cost of living increased this last year, creating a relative drop in your fees. The answer to this problem are small scheduled quarterly fee increases to either or both your front-end fees (I.e. quotable items such as exams, spays, neuters etc…) and back-end fees (I.e. radiographs, lab work, surgery fees etc…).
As of this March 31st 2009 we recommended the following fee increase:

3% Back-end fee increase (q3Mo)
Next fee increase: Second quarter ending June 30th, 2009

For an invitation to our FREE Practice Owner Online Seminar, “Realizing Your Practice Lost Income”, please email back the following information to

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Saturday, April 4, 2009

"The best is yet to come believe it or not. THANK YOU."

“Never in our wildest dreams did we think we could have a practice income of over $60,000 a week. After a few short months with VPS it has happened. Thank you to all our PBS family for showing us the way and we feel we are only scratching the surface with our clinic and our employees. The best is yet to come believe it or not. THANK YOU.”

S.H. DVM, Clarke Animal Hospital

"I plan to reach a $1 million practice and retire in a few years. Thank you Dr.Parker."

“I came to this meeting just to learn how to build a power team, but we got a lot more information. It covered the organization of the business. This seminar will help me the most to make easier my life - with less work, more things to achieve. I recommend this to anybody that is a 1 man practice and wants to grow. I plan to reach a $1 million practice and retire in a few years. Thank you, Dr. Parker.”

-H.S. DVM, Santis Pet Clinic

Power Team Builder Workshop: "truly an amazing experience."

“Prior to coming (to the workshop) I’d always been somewhat skeptical of “how to” fix, change, enhance by outside consultants. After our first phone conversation I felt comfortable, understood and a person of interest. Finally here was an opportunity to open up for suggestion, criticism, advise on how I as a person, professional and yet human am affecting my hospital, my team, my dream.

“Having now been given true tools to start making changes in myself which in turn will shift the dynamics of the everyday, every moment operations at the hospital are encouraging, inspiring, uplifting and yet satisfying and challenging.

"I leave with a sense of follow through with Joel to be a continual source of guidance and assurance. Exposing myself, my staff and my hospital can be uncomfortable but the care with which Joel extracts the core essentials is comfortably humbling.

“Truly an amazing experience.”
- P.C. DVM, Best Friends Animal Hospital

Practice Lost Income - the key to recession survival

It’s estimated that a poorly managed practice fails to realize it’s full income potential by 20 -50%. Ouch! Now here’s the hook: In affluent times who cares right? Why bother when you are swamped with cases and just trying to keep up and get home before your kids are in bed. But in recession times, like NOW, this attitude is not only wasteful it’s reckless! Let’s have a closer look...

Lost Income: That income that slips through your fingers from poor control and efficiency…
So what to DO?

1. Start by caring about every area in your practice that you can control. - For example, start caring about those clients who are calling in as shoppers - get them in! Start caring about how clients are greeted - everything you do has either a positive or negative promotional impact on your practice. Start caring about spending more time training your staff – so their confidence level is high when they recommend a treatment plan. Start caring about reactivating every single client so they return at least once a year to your practice. Start tracking your metrics of practice performance so you can spot lazy areas right away. Start caring about how well you sell your treatment plans. Start caring about working out always getting paid or exact payment plans. Start caring about doing top-quality medicine - medicine where there is no chance of mistake. Start caring about checking patients before they go out the door and correcting things that are not right. Start asking for referrals. BE INTERESTED IN EVERYTHING ABOUT YOUR PRACTICE!

2. Start promoting your practice - Starting tightening up your reactivation program. Get on the phones and call your clients. They love to hear from you. Many would love you as their own Doctor so call them up! BE INTERESTED IN YOUR CLIENTS.

3. Start tracking your indexes of practice performance - start by tracking the number of office visits and your Average Client Charge. Just looking at these 2 indices every week, comparing current to the last can make a huge difference in your bottom. PLAY YOUR PRACTICE LIKE A GAME.

4. In closing, remember this: THERE IS NO SHORTAGE OF MONEY. People still have lots of money but may be reluctant to spend it. Don’t buy into the doom of the news media. It could lose you lots of income.