Friday, July 17, 2009

Your 2nd Quarter Fee Increase Nudge


Dear Practice Owner: Yes - it’s that time of year again. This is your 2nd Quarter Fee Increase nudge to pull the trigger and increase your fees by 3% across the board. Don’t forget that the cost of living increased this last year, creating a relative drop in your fees. The answer to this problem is small scheduled quarterly fee increases to either or both your front-end fees (I.e. quotable items such as exams, spays, neuters etc…) and back-end fees (I.e. radiographs, lab work, surgery fees etc…).
As of this June 30th 2009 we recommended the following fee increases:

- 3% Front-end fee increase (q6Mo)
- 3% Back-end fee increase (q3Mo)

Next fee increase: Third quarter ending Sept 30, 2009

Thursday, July 9, 2009

We can become the cause for future success...

“Working through the Basic Organization Addendum is a great exercise. I finally feel like we have a solid blueprint upon which we can build out our management program and become the cause for future success.”

Newley Spikes (MBA), Office Manager, A Animal Clinic
Basic Organization Addendum

We feel a lot more confident hiring...

“The biggest successes from the program have been hiring, the training manual ,and staff meetings. We feel a lot more confident hiring and have been able to get the right people on board. The training manual has been a great tool to train the new employee correctly and efficiently. Having weekly staff meetings and talking over the practice vision and goals has helped us function better as a team.”

Jolie Davis, Senior Tech, Pequot Lakes Animal Hospital
Management Basics Implementation

It gives me the pulse of the practice...

“The Management by Statistics is awesome for an analytical like me. It gives me the pulse of the practice and also points to areas that need correction, adjustment, or even accolades for a job well done. It provides a gauge for the staff to measure their successes and failures and see how their efforts affect the whole. Then the treatment plan will be easier to see and the results to support it over time can be seen as well. This course is the ‘how to’ of checking the pulse of the business.”

Dr. Deb Forster, DVM and Practice Owner, Four Paws Veterinary Hospital
Management by Statistics