Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Find out what you're capable of!...

"What a journey it’s been; personally as well as professionally! Through this process I have had so many wins… I think the overall bottom line is that I am more at cause than I have ever been. I am so excited to return home and continue implementing what I’ve learnt… and I know that rather than an end… this is really just a beginning for me, professionally and personally.

"Despite the hardships I have endured, metamorphosed from my cocoon of effect and am ready to spread my wings! I’m really only just now finding out what I’m capable of!"

Dr. Janelle Walker, DVM and Practice Owner, Best Friends Veterinary Medical Center
Financial Planning Addendum

"Put thoughts into action and get more done..."

"This course helped to work through all of the information and drills in the Formulas for Business Success course and made it directly applicable to our business moving through recognizing the condition of our stats, applying the formulas and then creating a specific battle plan. I think this approach will really help me put thoughts into action and get more done, to be more productive overall."

Dr. Tanya Burtis, DVM and Practice Owner, Waxhaw Animal Hospital, NC
Formulas for Business Success Addendum

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Get more control of your money...

"This is my favorite course so far because there is so much in it that I can take home and start applying to my business. It does help you get more control of your money and spending and shows you ways to get the things that you have always wanted but never had the extra money to purchase. This is a great course that can be applied to my business and to my personal finances."

Dr. Susan Thompson, DVM and Practice Owner, Tabbs Creek Animal Hospital, NC
Financial Planning

Look at the greater picture of running my business and life...

"Great course!!!... I learned to cross beyond my foibles, to look at the greater picture of running my business and life. In this course I put together the need for statistics, the importance of statistics, and the power that statistics will have in making your everyday life and business decisions. Also, during this study, I transgressed to a new level of looking forward ethically speaking."

Dr. Darrell Horn, DVM and Practice Owner, Florida Veterinary League, FL
Ethics for Business Survival

A firm foundation to build on...

"This Basic Organization course blew away all the confusion and perceived daunting complexity of the organizing board, creating transparency by carefully introducing the important concepts at a low gradient, with a firm foundation to build on. The training staff were particularly helpful in giving mass to some of the more challenging concepts, such as awareness levels. I can’t wait to put all these concepts into action as I complete the course addendum of constructing my Practice Org Board."

Dr. Tom Wiles, DVM and Practice Owner, Pittsburgh Spay and Vaccination Clinic, PA
Basic Organization

Monday, March 15, 2010

Have the right people working for you...

"The beautiful thing about this program is that, when you have the right people working for you, with you, wonderful things happen! Encouraging them to really own their posts, handle their post, take responsibility for their post, really contributes to the overall improved condition of the practice. Then see what a difference it makes to manage their own post by statistics! On the other hand, it has also become readily apparent what becomes of the employee with declining stats, who fails to apply the data, who refuses to take responsibility for their stats or their post. But it’s all in black and white and knowing what to do is just application of another formula to improve the overall condition. I see it … I’m living it!"

Dr. Janelle Walker, DVM and Practice Owner, Best Friends Veterinary Medical Center, OR
Management by Statistics Implementation

Eliminate many problems...

"This course has made complete sense of what has always seemed to result in chaos. I can relate to each and every tool and understand how the application of these 'tools' will eliminate many problems we have noticed in our training methods. We seem to have failed to recognize the importance of making sure each potential worker and veteran worker fully understands what is expected of them. There now are clear guidelines."

Laurie Myers, Director of Medical Services, Pittsburgh Spay and Vaccination Clinic, PA
Study Skills for Life

Make plans become done deeds...

"A good course that makes you set down a rational course of how to make plans become done deeds. It helps take some decisions from emotional or 'want-haves', to what benefits will our proposed plans have. Some plans are good, some aren’t. Hopefully this procedure will eliminate most of the bad plans before too much energy or money is expended on them."
Dr. Jack Griffiths, DVM and Practice Owner, Orland Veterinary Hospital, CA
Making Planning Become Actuality

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Add a lot of stability to the practice...

"The organization board course has helped me add a lot of stability to the practice. Getting even the basic principles in has helped my staff know what they are supposed to do and what they are responsible for. They have a stable datum from which to view the activity around them."

Dr. Robin Woodley, DVM and Practice Owner, Kapaau Veterinary Center, HI
Basic Organization

Make things happen...

"'Formulas for Business Success' was a really great course. Everyone warned me about lots of writing and they were right. But through all that writing came the realization about what I was learning. You need to know the conditions and formulas back and forth to implement them. Just like doing a physical examination is routine for a senior vet, drilling the formulas make you know how to do them yourself. You need to do all the steps of the formulas to make things happen"

Dr. Candy Stables, DVM and Practice Owner, Bow Valley Veterinary Clinic, AB
Formulas for Business Success

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Run like a well oiled machine...

"The Basic Organization course not only gives you the tools to use but also a glimpse at what your clinic can really be like. I’m excited to know my clinic can run like a well oiled machine even when I’m not there. The only question I asked myself is why didn’t I do this 26 years ago."

Dr. Glenn McPherson, DVM and Practice Owner, Animals of Eden Veterinary Hospital, NC
Basic Organization

A 'must have' course if you want your business to succeed...

"I have learnt so much from this course which will all help in managing our practice more efficiently. From learning how to gather stats, to making graphs, to determining the conditions and formulas to apply to these stats; all will play a big role in increasing our productivity and viability in our hospital. From these basic principles I have learnt even more detailed information to take back home with me to implement into our practice. This is definitely a 'must have' course if you want your business to succeed."
Lisa Tharp, Director of Administration, Pittsburgh Spay and Vaccination Clinic, PA
Management by Statistics

Make a win-win situation...

"I do feel good about this course. I opened up some thought processes that I had suppressed without realizing it. I now can look at a situation that has bothered me in the past and deal with it with a clearer mind. I can see other options are available to me. I can make a win-win situation from it. It will definitely help me deal with people of different tone-levels and backgrounds with greater ease and respect."
Dr. Diane Grede, DVM and Practice Owner, Animal Hospital of Oshkosh, WI
Ethics for Business Survival Addendum I

Build strong relationships...

"This course taught me many things about dealing with others that I thought I knew already, but in a much more refined and poignant form. Once I am able to fine tune this knowledge through this course I feel I can get better at doing so and therefore build strong relationships in my business and personal life."

Dr. Andy Mencarelli, DVM and Practice Owner, Didsbury Veterinary Service, AB
How to Get Along with Others